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Developer Relations Associate (AngelHack)

Tribe Accelerator

Tribe Accelerator

Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Opportunity

Tribe (https://tribex.co/) is looking for a Developer Relations Associate to be a part of an ambitious and fast-moving team AngelHack (https://angelhack.com), a community-centric platform.

What to expect:

  • You want to be a part of an ambitious and fast-moving team at that is transforming the way developers discover, learn and apply skills and knowledge.
  • You want to manage a builder and developer community from its social engines all the way to the infrastructure and strategy. You will manage and communicate with multiple developer demographics, understand their needs and translate them into strategy and data that other departments in the AngelHack team can use to facilitate their own programmes and initiatives. You’ll also get to deep dive into the infrastructure of our communication channels and pull out key statistics to justify and aid decisions.
  • You will be tasked to aid the Head of Community manage across physical and digital communities.
  • You also enjoy brainstorming ideas to keep communities engaged, interacting with people, and trying out ad-hoc ideas to test different initiatives.
  • You will also be responsible for helping the Head of Community to coordinate local developer hangouts, as well as facilitating in-person events globally (alongside relevant contacts in the region, including yours where necessary)
  • You’ll have training and mentorship, but work in a hands-off environment that allows you to explore, pitch, and execute things your own way.

Key Responsibilities

  • Primary and secondary market/community research: you’ll be in a constant, high-touch environment, and need to be able to navigate social cues and read between the lines to discern community needs and wants. You will also be expected to work closely with the Head in order to start driving engagement and activation in the Discord community.
  • Long-term strategy planning for multiple demographics in a single community: you’ll be working with the Head of Community to plan and iterate roadmaps for the community and work closely with the other departments in order to drive the process. You will also be working with community moderators and a council to help plan and execute events.
  • Brainstorming and execution: you will need to rapidly test your theories and collect responses, very often on the spot, and to record down the results in a manner that is usable by the rest of the team. We also love new ideas, so we really encourage you to just chime in.
  • Socialising and trust-building: the AngelHack team’s focus on the community is unparalleled and the relationship between both entities is founded on large amounts of “trust investment”. You’ll learn to maintain the same level of trustworthiness balanced with a healthy openness, while encouraging others to have the same level of investment in AngelHack.
  • Metrics measuring and driving KPIs: you will need to drive key metrics alongside the community manager, both qualitative and quantitative. You will also need to plan ways for measuring new or ad-hoc data needs. Your main foci will be activation, retention, and engagement.
  • Assisting community manager with reverse engineering strategic initiatives: you will be tasked with reverse engineering potential initiatives that could help group-level community strategy, and to measure their success.
  • Administration and executive duties: you will be recording metrics, conducting feedback surveys/polls/other quantitative measures, providing reports and feedback to the community manager, as well as justify the rigour of your data. You will also be responsible for hosting and sourcing external speakers, community events (such as soft skill events, game nights, and others), and helping push out cross-business unit announcements (such as hackathons or bootcamps).


  • This is a full-time position with adjusted hours (eg. your working hours could be from 2pm - 11pm instead of 10am - 7pm, adjusted to your preference and accounting for different time zones).
  • Remote applicants from the Philippines are welcome.
  • At least 1-2 years experience in community management in either an official or unofficial capacity.
  • Both interest in and capacity for large amounts of social interaction: due to different time zones, you may sometimes be required to facilitate events at night.
  • Extraverted, enjoys getting to know people, and has a high level of diplomacy.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills with a flair for storytelling and rallying people around you. If you did Literature, English, and/or sociological sciences, we’d love to speak to you. Degree-agnostic.
  • Bonus: have some experience in AT LEAST one programming language, preferably Python or JS.
  • Able to handle both strategy and administrative duties
  • Very good at multitasking, but also at prioritising the initiatives and tasks that need to be done. There are always many problems to solve: we want to see what problems you think need to be solved first.
  • Eager to work in a largely-remote, cross-functional setting and not afraid to get hands dirty with the running of actual projects and community initiatives.

Interview Process

  • Submit your CV and a short recount about the single most significant experience you’ve had working with or leading a community. Submissions that do not follow this instruction will automatically not be considered.
  • We’ll contact you if you're shortlisted for an interview
  • Interview
  • Notification of Interview Results